Walkthrough: Analyze Product Rank Checker

This article explains how to use the Analyze: Product Rank Checker for your business.

Product Rank Checker for Bol.com

Purpose: Elevate your marketplace game! This tool is designed to meticulously check and analyze product rankings on Bol.com, giving you insights to stay ahead of the competition.

How to Use:

  1. Select Your Marketplace: Start with Bol.com or choose from other available options.
  2. Pick a Date Range: Dive deep into historical data or focus on recent trends.
  3. Generate Insights: Simply click on "get report" and watch the magic happen.

Product Categories:

  • Ranked: Products that are making waves.
  • Unranked: Hidden gems waiting for their moment.
  • Inactive: Products that are currently off the radar.

Product Analysis: Take, for instance, "fapon ofanger for burpec" (commonly known as a fly catcher).

  • Keyword Insights: Potential keywords include "faponafly fungus".
  • Pro Tip: Boost visibility by incorporating relevant keywords in product titles.
  • Trend Tracking: Monitor rankings over time and understand the nuances of ranking fluctuations.

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