Walkthrough: Analyze Health Score

The health score assists companies in evaluating their product listings.

Introduction: Boost your product listings on Bol.com! The Health Score Feature, exclusive to e-tailize, is your go-to tool for evaluating and enhancing product listings.

Accessing the Feature:

  1. Start in e-tailize: Head to the 'Analyze' module.
  2. Find the Magic: Directly navigate to the 'health score' section.

Dive into the Health Score:

  • Components: Score is derived from categories such as price, optional fields, description, and shipping.
  • Bird's Eye View: Get a holistic view of the general health score and category distribution for your listings.
  • Product Specifics: Easily search for individual products using EANs or titles.

Product Analysis - A Closer Look: For instance, let's consider a 'Pillbox':

  • Title Assessment: Check for readability and spelling accuracy.
  • Optimization: If the title isn't up to par, consider crafting a new one.
  • Additional Factors: Stock, shipping time, seller's rating, and customer reviews are also taken into account.

Visual & Content Analysis:

  • Media Evaluation: The health score scrutinizes price, optional fields, and media elements like images and videos. Plus, get guidelines on the ideal image size and resolution.
  • Description Check: Ensure your product descriptions are readable, free from spelling errors, and within the optimal character count. If not, it might be time for a revamp.

Key Recommendations for Stellar Listings:

  • Title Perfection: Always aim for optimized product titles.
  • Engage with Your Audience: Regularly review and respond to customer feedback.
  • Visual & Content Excellence: Enhance media quality and fine-tune descriptions for maximum impact.

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