How do I use the PIM system?

How to use the PIM system:

Why does e-tailize actually have a PIM system? An integrated PIM system has many benefits, including: 

  • User-friendliness and flexibility: You can centrally adjust products for different marketplaces and languages.
  • Speed: You can easily add or modify fields when information is missing.

To access the PIM, click on 'products' in the products screen. In the overview, you can see:

  • Which products are in the system
  • Manage categories, import products, or manually create a product.
  • Sort, select, delete, and search.
  • Quickly edit product properties (SKU, name, unit price, stock) with the Quick Edit functionality.

When you change stock, it's instantly updated on marketplaces. You can also bulk update your stock via our CSV import. Create a CSV with two columns: EAN and STOCK, and update everything by uploading it.

You can also pin products to make them visible on the product page. This allows you to quickly select and edit these products.

Click 'edit' to modify a product in the PIM.

Our PIM is designed to function for marketplaces.